Excessive eye Blinking

Excessive eye Blinking: symptoms, causes, and home remedies

Blinking is a regular and physiologically important idiosyncrasy.

Blinking is perfect for your eyes. It keeps them clean and guarantees they don’t get dry.

The times you blink change with your age. Babies blink twice every second.

Young people blink multiple times every second. It’s about comparable in adults.

It is what you need to know all about excessive eye blinking.

Why do we blink?

The meaning of blinking recalls its cautious occupation for preventing the part of buildup or anything into the eye, as well as finishing off breathtaking light from the unprepared eye.

It expects the eye by spreading the tear film over the whole revealed surface of the eye.

The speed of blinking forms while you’re talking, when you’re restless, in desolation, or when you face splendid lights.

Blinking will give oil to your eyes and keeps them clean by spreading the layer of tears onto the external layer of your eye.

Blinking is perfect for your eye prosperity, and an excess can cause some clinical issues.

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What is excessive eye blinking?

Excessive eye blinking is when you blink more than standard. It could happen unendingly or every so often. It’s most common in kids, but it is also in adults.

Is Eye Blinking A Serious Condition?

Excessive blinking can be a support for irritating. Blinking of eyes can rarely welcome any sight compromising weight.

If it is a piece of a neurological condition, it can cause other neurological symptoms. If blinking transforms into a day-to-day plan, it can impact your fulfilment. You can have a burden while driving.


Eye blinking symptoms could go with various symptoms, dependent upon the essential disease, disorder, or condition. 

Symptoms that intermittently impact the eye may similarly incorporate other body systems.

Ophthalmologic symptoms that could occur close by eye blinking symptoms

Eye blinking symptoms could go with various symptoms affecting the eye are:

  • Blurred or twofold vision
  • Discharge from the eye
  • Drooping eyelid (ptosis)
  • Dry eyes
  • Transparency of the visual surface
  • Eye torture
  • Eye muscle loss of motion (strabismus)
  • Extended antipathy for light
  • Aggravated eyes
  • Pain with blinking (by and large limit)
  • Red, sore eyes (battered-looking eyes)
  • Squinting
  • Watery eyes


Stacks of things can incite excessive blinking. They include:

  • An ingrown eyelash
  • A scratch on your eye
  • Buildup or something else in your eye
  • Awarenesses
  • Dry eye
  • Eye sickness or pinkeye (conjunctivitis)
  • Eyelid fits (blepharospasm)
  • Facial fit or penchant
  • Eyelids that didn’t shape the right way
  • Untreated vision issues
  • Unbalanced or crossed eyes (exotropia)
  • Neurological or mental issues
  • Disquiet

It doesn’t happen often, but more troublesome conditions could be the explanation. They include:

Wilson’s sickness, an exceptional genetic condition achieved by a ton of copper in your body

Multiple sclerosis, a disorder of the frontal cortex and spinal string

Tourette’s issue, a condition that makes you make wild turns of events or sounds

There will be various signs in case you have a more troublesome condition.

Neurologic purposes behind Eye Blinking

Eye blinking symptoms can be due to neurologic issues like:

  • Blepharospasm (obligatory fit or jolting of the eyelid)
  • Dystonia
  • Facial tic
  • Parkinson’s affliction
  • Stroke
  • Tardive (slow or late start) dyskinesia
  • Tourette’s condition

When does Excessive Eye Blinking become severe?

Excessive blinking may be accepted to be peculiar if:

  • it impacts common life
  • it blocks vision, as when one is driving
  • it doesn’t stop inside several hours
  • it is with various symptoms, as above

Home Remedies to Overcome Eye Blinking

Eye blinking is not an awkward issue and may sort out by following careful advances. You can thwart excessive eye blinking by:

  • Getting satisfactory rest
  • Applying a pack of agreeable material
  • Giving a fragile back rub to your eyelids
  • Appreciating nonstop respites while working on PCs or workstations

When to direct your local opticians?

Blinking a ton can be due to something more like stroke, Parkinson’s disorder, or Tourette’s Syndrome if you regularly experience a summary of various symptoms too. 

Expecting you are experiencing other clinical issues despite excessive eye blinking, benevolently counsel your PCP


A pediatric ophthalmologist will need to investigate the justification behind the symptoms.

Doctors will perform a cautious test.

Any issue like an ingrown eyelash, corneal scratched spot, conjunctivitis (pink eye), new body in the eye, or responsive qualities impacting the eye or eye dryness can be diagnosed by evaluating to have an instrument called a slit lamp.

It is a remarkable amplifying instrument used to intensify the eye.

If glasses are required, this can be by requiring an extended eye test.

Any strabismus will be when the ophthalmologist checks out at the eye advancements.


Excessive blinking has no connection with a clinical issue. 

For this present circumstance, it could vanish in isolation without treatment. 

If you need treatment, the decisions depend upon the explanation.

The expert could suggest eyedrops, emollient, or various prescriptions expecting your excessive blinking is associated with an eye injury, sickness, responsive qualities, or disturbance. A fix could moreover help your eye with retouching.

If you have an ingrown eyelash or something else is in your eye, the expert can get it out. 

Glasses could assist if it’s a fantasy with giving, like nearsightedness. They could propose eye exercises or operations.

The expert could send you to a prepared proficient if your excessive blinking is associated with strain, disquiet, or fits.

Preventions from Excessive Eye Blinking

You can prevent Excessive eye blinking if you know what’s causing it. Here are far to thwart excessive blinking:

  • Go without being around whatever upsets your eyes, similar to smoke and allergens.
  • Keep your eyes saturated with lubing up eye drops.
  • See your essential consideration doctor whenever you suspect your eye is energized or spoiled.
  • Make an effort not to focus on awe-inspiring light, including sunlight.
  • Appreciate progressive respites while examining or working at a PC to avoid strain.
  • Get standard eye tests, and guarantee your cure glasses are the strength.
  • Partake in relaxing activities that help you with reducing tension, anxiety, and shortcoming.


Excessive blinking is the place where you blink an overabundance.

Excessive blinking can be due to issues with the eyelids or premier area, routine fits, refractive error, unpredictable exotropia or turning out of the eye, the environment, and stress.

Habitually it will vanish isolated without treatment, yet many things like corneal abrasions and eye sicknesses should persistently be surveyed and treated by your PCP.

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